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It will not run in Catalina, which Apple will be pushing at you later this year. But, when you have to move to Catalina and beyond, we have negotiated an excellent path for you. Here is what we have done and will do to help you with this change.

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We have carefully examined all of the software companies that currently produce a Mac astrology programs. Our ultimate choice for our customers in this transition was clear — the company is Esoteric Technologies. These are the people who created the most popular and best astrology for Windows, Solar Fire.

Their new Astro Gold program for the Mac is another excellent example of their expertise, and dedication to quality astrology software.

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Your patronage and support will help make their program THE Mac Astrology Program for astrologers who demand top quality software. Esoteric Technologies and their Astro Gold software are clearly and enthusiastically recommended as the only choice for all TCR customers. We have completed an agreement with Esoteric Technologies that gives TCR Astrologers a transition pathway and specially discounted pricing that will allow you to upgrade from your Time Cycles Software to a fully compatible 64 bit Catalina OS program, when and if that becomes necessary for you.

Read more about this in the email message from Stephanie Johnson of Esoteric Technologies. When you move to the Astro Gold program all of your saved io chart files will be converted into their format automatically. Nothing will be lost.

Esoteric Technologies are the only people authorized to access and import your saved Io Software Chart Files. We have provided them with the necessary details, and assisted them to make certain that this works flawlessly for you.

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Support for your Time Cycles software will continue during this transition. We are not just abandoning you. For the next several months we will continue to provide support for your Time Cycles Research software.

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If you have a question or a problem just email us at: astrology timecycles. Web-based Astrological Services will give you all of the Chart Calculations and Chart Interpretations you need without you ever having to purchase expensive desktop software. It's as easy as signing up and then you are good to go! Create precision astrological charts with expertly written interpretations. Choose from four main styles plus specialty charts with PDF output for easy printing and emailing.

Astrology Software

Matrix is pleased to present a collection of e-books by Michael Erlewine. Click here for Free e-Books or if you prefer a printed copy, they are available at Amazon. Come join us! This conference opens the door to a new world of astrology!

ASTROGRAPH - TimePassages Astrology Software for PC, Mac & iPhone

Whether you are new to Vibrational Astrology or a practicing Vibrational Astrologer, be prepared for a journey into the astrology of the future. Professional astrologers, counselors, and other astrological entrepreneurs have been using our Pro software to make money since the day we produced our first astrology program. Matrix Software, Matrix Astrology is the older Astrology Software company and one of the older software company on the Internet.

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Click here for the Conference Audio Recordings. Make Money with Your Home Computer. Complete Professional Report Package. Whether your goal is simply extra income or something more ambitious, such as financial independence, our new Professional Report Package will get you started right.

TimePassages for Windows and macOS

We, at Matrix, have always been known for the power and sophistication of our search programs, but this time, Stephen Erlewine has outdone himself. This program is, by unanimous agreement, the most powerful search program ever available to astrologers. Astrology chart. Very likely the most popular astrology software in the world today. Whether this is your first experience with an astrology program or you are a seasoned Professional — you are going to love this software.

Just type in your birth information, click a button, and the software does the rest. More Info BlueStar astrology chart calculation software. Astrology Software for professionals.

Best Kundli Software and Astrology Software For Horoscope in Hindi

Each report program you purchase from this collection will work either as a stand—alone or with any other Matrix Professional report software you own. More Info Winning Times gives you what the name says — the exact moments when your personal chart indicates your luck will be at its peak, and your winning potential at maximum power. If you are a Professional astrologer, or a serious amateur astrologer, you are going to love this program's sophisticated features.

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