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Dangerous tendency of today in your sign Taurus: limiting oneself for fear of not knowing what to say and what to do. What should I avoid? The most tense relationship: avoid confrontations or discussions with people of the signs Aries, Leo, and Aquarius.

The Month Ahead for Taurus

Your current compatibility: you are in a harmonious tone with the other elements of earth and water Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn as well as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. If you are single or single: you are in a moment of very lucky encounters. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Favorable outcome could very well be reached. Thoughts will be clear in reference to what you wish for in personal income offered to you, but worries could get into the picture.

According to your horoscope, entertainment and social activities could be on the agenda this January for you, as pleasurable times could be coming to you in a very surprising manner.

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Monetary expenses should be taken into consideration as the cost could be more than you can chew. Misunderstanding with mate or partner could be present, do not allow repressed anger to blow things out of proportion. A mutual understanding should be worked out — looking at the situation with an open mind will be necessary as your understanding seems to be impaired here right now.

Changes at your home front could be very marked this month, though loving times with mate will give you some sense of balance. Lots of back and forth communication connected to your line of work could be present, and differences of opinion could result in bottled up anger in you.

Numerology Number of the Day

Trying to resolve differences will be the healthiest course. Surprising news should be expected by the middle of the month, and your intuition should be paid off in decision making. Contact with siblings or close relatives could be on the agenda for you this month as unexpected news could be reaching you connected to changes that could be mildly beneficial to you but better on the long run. Input and kindness from a friend could be of extreme importance as a desire to take a trip abroad or a faraway place might not be in your best interest and a pleasant time could be very restricted.

Asserting yourself in a matter connected to shared resources could be necessary as someone could be playing with your feelings. Your intuition is very much on target, follow your hunches.

#taurus Horoscope February 23, 2017 Daily Love, Personal Life, Money Career

Disagreements and restrictions at your home base could create tension that will have to be cleared up for the sake of harmony. Cooperation will be necessary as certain items seem to be held back bringing a lack of understanding.

Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

Your career seems to have been taking off in the right direction but uncertainty is bothering you in regards to money and a compensation matter. Your shyness and reserved attitude will come across as very intriguing and mysterious, and this will be very attractive to people. Invest your time, energy, and emotions on someone you know is truly worth it! The key days in February, as far as Taurus love horoscope is concerned, are February 9 th , February 18 th , and February 23 rd , New relationships can get deeper and more serious, and you will be able to take the relationship to the next level.

This month will also be very beneficial for marriages because you will experience a healthier and more stable marriage after a rocky or confusing period. There are plenty of opportunities to mend broken relationships as well. If you and your partner are planning on having a baby soon, you will also not be disappointed this month! Single Taurus will be filled with a strong desire to get out and about.

You will be feeling very sociable and energetic. There will be many parties, gatherings, and events that you will be invited to this month. This exciting movement in your life will make you feel happy and fulfilled. But make sure to prioritize your safety and stability over fun, adventure, and excitement.

You can only live on fun and excitement for so long.

12222 Taurus Love Horoscope

The key days in March, as far as Taurus love horoscope is concerned, are March 10 th , March 14 th , and March 24 th , Your social circle will continue to grow, allowing you to get yourself out of certain situations or relationships that are no longer good or working for you. Even if love or being in a relationship is not your focus this month, you will still find yourself involved in many social or romantic encounters. Married people who have been experiencing challenges in their marriage will enjoy a second wind to keep fighting for their love.

Breathe in, breathe out — everything will be alright! The key days in April, as far as Taurus love horoscope is concerned, are April 4 th , April 22 nd , and April 30 th , Your wisdom and kindness will inspire other people to overcome their own challenges and difficulties when it comes to love and life. You will help shine a light in their dark times and give them strength and courage during their turbulent moments. Your pride may be on the rise this month, and it may prevent you from fully giving yourself to the person you love. But you are more mature in relationships than you give yourself credit for, so you will easily release your pride and love more generously.

Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope

You will be able to overcome the daily challenges of love and life. You will better understand that there are more important things in this world other than beauty, success, or fame. The key days in May, as far as Taurus love horoscope is concerned, are May 4 th , May 20 th , and May 23 rd , You have so much love to give to the world! Remove the skeletons from your closet so that you can truly be honest with the next person that you will love.

This will inspire you to love freely and completely, and positively affect the dynamic of your relationship! In the past year, there have been great changes that happened in your personal life.

All the things that you have gone through and all the lessons that you have learned will be rewarded very soon. The key days in June, as far as Taurus love horoscope is concerned, are June 5 th , June 15 th , and June 22 nd , Expect plenty of surprises and lots of radical changes in your romantic life when the month of July rolls in.

This month, you will also learn to love the unplanned and the unexpected. This is the best time for you to embrace your inner adventurous or unconventional side. The month of July is truly a wonderful time for falling in love and being in a committed relationship!

The key days in July, as far as Taurus love horoscope is concerned, are July 4 th , July 22 nd , and July 29 th , When the month of August approaches, you will begin to understand that you are more than ready to leave all the bad vibes behind. There are big decisions to be made this month, but they will all lead to positive changes that will lead to a happier personal life.